Friday, January 11, 2013

Not all GPU's are made equal

My mate Drew sent me a version of the model I've been using with much nicer UV's. So all the pixels are aligned and have a consistent uv density. Which is awesome, But it means I needed to compute all new lighting textures and I didn't want to wait two days like last time. So I installed windows on my Linux box and got it rendering. And I also got my laptop rendering too. But you can see from this data it wasn't really worth it.

ComputerGPUGflopsLight 268435456 pixels
Build(Linux Box)6600 GT47~386 hours
LaptopGT 620M269 ~64 hours
MainPCGTX 460907~22 hours

Any way here is what it looks like.

Hard to see from this image but trust me it looks a lot nicer. Once I fix up the bilinear filtering I'll post another video and you can see for your self.

But I really want to try a 32k * 32K texture next. Which would take about 8 days! So looks like I have some optimizing to do. Unless anyone has a render farm they are not using?

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